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Web Quality Assurance and 3 dimensions.

Hi all,

recently I took an active part in one QA (Quality Assurance) course of software products for newbies. I was watching this course distantly, so I could lost some technical moments. 

But I remembered one main reason in QA - it's a testing of web application interface (and its all functions) in various screen resolution of customer gadget. And various screen sizes, of course.
It's concerning to responsive web-design. OK.

What's problem in?

No problem, but we should check one moment - our monitor has ability change screen resolution (1) and change the element size (2).

It's example for Windows 7.

It's example for Windows XP.

Plus we have for QA testing third ability to change the size (by %) of content in web-browser window (3).

It's example for Google Chrome.

Hey, we should to check these three (1+2+3) abilities in mutual combination for our web-application! Don't forget about it.

So that's all.
See you.

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