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Access to Animation Pane in MS Powerpoint 2016.

Hello everybody.

I had task for creation of new presentation by MS Powerpoint 2016. I had template for it with fine animation. But I had small surprise.

So you can see preinstalled animation on the following screenshot. This is simple sunrise template from Microsoft website.

This is tab "Animations" and Animation Pane where componets of animation are situated like timetline. However I could not edit any components here, in Animation Pane, I only could play this animation. Why? What's surprise? May be I forgot something.

It turned out that for edit animation I had to do some additional steps. At first, I had to go to tab "View" and select here another view for current slide, so it must be "Slide Master" view.

At second, we can see new tab "Slide Master" and here we can use Animation Pane as we need. Not in tab "Animations"!

Ok, I try to remember it.
See you later.

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Anonymous said...

It's template of your Presentation. Did you not know it?

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