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About course "Pathways Intermediate".

Hello guys.

Today I would like to tell you about my learning British Council course "Pathways Intermediate". So I have finished Part One a few days ago. It wasn't easy. I have my score about 85 percent and completion is 100 percent. For successful completion of the first part I have to perform no less 90 percent of topics with score no less 60 percent. If I dont' mistake. What is the Part One? There are 5 modules and one grammar module. Each module has 5 units and each unit has 5 pages (exercises) or more. So  I have to pass 5 multiply to 5 and multiply to 5, it's one hundred and twenty-five exercises. Wow, just a moment, I forgot to increase grammar module. So I have 250 plus 25 exercises and totally my Part One includes 275 exercises. I have tried to perfrom all these exercises, but to tell the truth, I had some errors too. Or I had situations where I known my version of answer but Part One had own version. I had Feedback for such moot moment, but I decided that I will not be using this ability now. I'm only pupil till. Ok, what were interesting things yet?

Part One has the following actvities: Meeting people, Shopping, Travel, Banks and Tourism. The Meeting was very interesting item, it has many samples of audio-tests. The Shopping  was interesting item too, especially the tests with pictures. Fancy that - I had to recognise goods on the picture and check right answer. I was exhausting, because I don't know the names of some goods in Ukrainian. Really). I'm not fun of shopping. Ok, the topics Travel and Banks are very familiar for me, so I hadn't difficulties there. The Tourism was very liked by me too. But in this topic I had so boring with execurcies where I should define how many words there  are in audio fragment. For what have I to know the quantity of words in current statement?

What else? I would like  to pay your attention that Part One is checking my answer with constraints. Part One didn't ask me - What do you mean? And Part One put me minus 1 point. And so on. For example, you have written "I have this book". And Part One would like to look your text as "I've this book". I's no joke. It's minus 1 point or some percent from total score. Be careful.

Also I would like to point some useful rules for me about prepositions in the end of interrogative sentences. And rules about short answers were interesting for me too. Do you know it? There are So do I, Nor have I, So would I etc.

Ok, on the whole or in part I had pleasure and define level of cheerfulness with Part One. What after that? Hm, Part Two is waiting for me. I have deadline with it on the 11th of May, 2017.

Good luck and see you later.

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