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The best Symantec Diagnostic Tools.

Hello guys.

Today I deal with reinstallation new version of Symantec Endpoint Protection. It's good antivirus. However I had some problems (failed process or no access to registry) with installation under old OS or hardware. As always I have to take necessary tools for diagnostic these problems. 

What is it?
There are the following.

The main utility is Symantec Diagnostic Tool (SymDiag).

The SymDiag is a multi-product, multi-language diagnostic and security analysis utility.  SymDiag is designed to provide self-help support for Symantec product technical issues, zero day threat analysis, best practice recommendations and proactive services to customers. If further assistance is needed, SymDiag lowers customer effort and increases support efficiency by providing automated data gathering and support case submission.

This utility has keys for command line launch. I often used in my situation the key "-noup".

This utility is main tool for collection data for Symantec Support. And it can show potential problems in your case, with web-links to solutions.

The next tool is CleanWipe utility.

You can use several methods to uninstall the Symantec Endpoint Protection product components, such as through the Windows Control Panel. If these common methods fail, you can use the CleanWipe utility. It's very useful tool.

And next tool is TestSec utility.
You want to know how to get and use the TestSec utility, which is used to test permissions related to Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Antivirus products. If you would like to use this utility you have to contact with Endpoint Protection Support.)

The test output file will contain the results of the test.
If no command line switches are used, the output file will contain the following tests:
  • output of the SET command
  • system hardware and OS specific data
  • global DCOM settings
  • attached system drives data
  • all applications using assigned DCOM settings

and so on.

Good luck with Symantec products.

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