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Files turnover in VirtualBox.

Hello everybody.

I'm testing some feautres with Python. And I have case for it  with Ubuntu or CentOS. And my Ubuntu is working with Oracle VirtualBox. It isn't complicated layout. It all is working well.

So I, maybe, have one task - how can I send or receive some files to/from Ubuntu as Python examples?

I found four decisions of this task.

At the first - I can use the "shared Clipboard" option in VirtualBox: Settings-General-Advanced. So you can see on the picture

 At the second - I can use the "shared folders" option in VirtualBox too: Settings-Shared folders.

At the third - I can use any USB-flash storage in Linux. I hope that you didn't forget about mount such device.

At the end - I can use WinSCP utility via SSH-connections with my Ubuntu. In this case you have to install OpenVPN and configure "Port forwarding".

Good luck.

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