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Adjust system time with W32TM utility.

Hi everybody.

You know that various situations can will be with system time of your OS. Of course, we can adjust this time via Internet. If such feature wasn't blocked by administration policy. Otherwise you even don't look the specific bookmark.

However we can adjust with CLI utility. So early we can do it as: NET TIME etc. Begin from Windows 7 we should use another utility W32TM. This is very powerful utility. By w32tm /? you can look full information about utility.

I can propose for you main commands:

  • w32tm /query /source - it's query of source for time update server. 
  • w32tm /query /status /verbose - it's query of current status about Time service.
  • w32tm /query /configuration /verbose - it's query of current status about configuration of Time service.

w32tm /resync - the main command for me. Why? For example, if your battery in BIOS discharged so you can use it for synchronisation of system time during loading of Windows. I would like to point one moment - execution of "w32tm /resync" only with Administrative rights.

See you later.

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