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Calculating Fog Index by MS Word - расчет индекса туманности в MS Word.

Hello guys.

Everything all right? Ok, today I would like to tell you about Fog Index. 

Fog Index is used as an indicator to determine the level of readability written by: a level of education necessary to readers to understand the text. Hmm, the level of education is measured by school years.)

About the algorytm of calculating this Index for Russian language you can read by web-link http://shard-copywriting.ru/copywriting-secrets/text-understanding.

Did You read whole text about algorythm there? Ok, I know - many many letters.(

So, I can show that this Index could calculate in Microsoft Word very easy. 
Are You ready? Follow me.

Yes, check one parameter of your copy MS Word in "Правописание"  where You must turn on checking Also Check Spelling and "Статистика удобочитаемости".

Done. And there You can check  "Настройка" and will read about each parameters of  Fog Index by press button "Пояснения".

Ok, how can You use it?

Open in the MS Word any text file. Select any text block. Go to the tab "Рецензирование" and launch check spelling by press button "Правописание". As a result MS Word show You the popup window where You will see information "Показатели легкости чтения". The string "Уровень образования" tell us that our text is good for readers which have defined classes (from 1st to 20th) of school.

Super, my text for testing is good for reading by school's graduate!)

Ok, it's enough for today.

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