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How can You extract file of subtitles from Youtube?

Hello guys.

Are You review videos in Youtube? Sure, that is right.
Are You review videos with subtitles? No?

I think that You know how We can learn foreign languages by Youtube. You can use auto-create subtitles for any video in Youtube [CC]. Yes? You see them. Ok, but You need to obtain subtitles as file. For review subtitles later. 

And how You can do it?

In Intenet You can find many additional applications or plugins for web-browser which can help to extract subtitles from video to srt-file. As You know popular web-browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) supporting HTML5-video and contain inside web-developer's tools.

I show how You will do it by the Chrome. Open any video in Youtube with correct verbal english. Desirable this video must be without background music. So I launch Web-developer's Tool on menu "Tools"  or use combination of buttons "Ctrl+Shift+I". Then view bookmark "Netwotk" in bottom of the screen.

Ok. Now You must click by button "CC" on Youtube-video page and go to view bookmark "Netwotk" for capturing query with word "timedtext". Found? Ok, then You can open this file in new window. Wow, as we wanted, this XML-file is contain subtitles.

Ok, by the Intenert Explorer extrtact xml-file with subtitles the same as simple.
See snapshot.

Sure, that by the Mozilla Firefox this simple too.

And one second - file with subtitles in Youtube created for a moment. It's not depend from point where You are viewing the video in the current moment.
Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

Yahooo, I'm checking translate the subtitles by Youtube and grab it into file. Well done!)

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