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European tour or other one.

Please, tell us about your trip to Europe this spring. We want to listen your story.

Hello everybody.

Sure. Me, and my wife, decided  to have the trip to Europe in March this year. You know that I have birthday in March.

So, I selected one trip on nine days through four countries: Hungary, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. That voyage costed about 350 euros per tourist. Plus thirty file euros for handling documents in visa centre.

Unfortunately, our group wasn't full for this trip. And travel-operator changed our tour to another for the same price. It was not joke. It was sadly. The new tour consisted of 9 days too, but had three countries. Switzerland wasn't in new tour.

OK, in spite of new circumstances we took a lot of pleasure from this tour. We were in famous Budapest with well known  spa and baths "Secheni". We were in wonderful Grats which placed among flowers and Alps. We were in Florence - cultural capital of Italy. Florence is city of Dante and DaVinchi. We were in ancient and famous city of Europe - Rome. Rome is very beautiful and historical city, and this city we will remember for whole life. I will not to recount each objects where we were for two days in this city. You can watch our bright moments in our photo-bank in Internet.

And, of course, we were in our favourite European city - Venice. We liked this city from our first meeting with it. This is mystical city, this is city-miracle and this is city-mirage. I was in Venice five years ago with my son. But  we would return to this city again and again. Gondoles, narrow lanes, small squares, pasta and ice-cream (gelato) are  very nice notes in our memory.

We are sitting in the stone's embankment of harbour and dreaming about future...

What's else? Heh, after visit in Venice we had two days for returning to homeland. These 2 days we took in Hungary but  without Budapest. It was a pity.

And in two days we returned in our glorious city Lviv. We had ability to try coffee and decorative(figured) sweets there. Our mood was few sadly. But I would like to advice anybody to visit Rome and Florence necessarily in your adult life. Of course, Venice must be see always! 

But I doubt in travel operator "Akkord-tour" for future. I do not advice current tour. I can explain the negative reasons of this tour:
- the tour is very expensive for our tourist;
- the tour hasn't move at night. It was as result for us that we had less free time in every cities.

Yes, I have the plan for travelling. But, unfortunately, I haven't for this plan money and free time. So I have the plan only for a far time.)

Hmm, I don't know what I can answer for you now.  I like to travel in Europe, but Europe is expensive now as obtaining visa (Schengen). And I don't want to collect references for every tour.
That's why I can change European direction to nearest Asia. It will be Turkey or Israel.

I had one tour to another way. It was the tour "The travelling over three seas".

The final point of destination was Bodrum city in Turkey. Bodrum city is situated on the shore of Aegean sea.

I remembered this tour by Stambul and excursions into ancient city Ephes. And I advice for all people the best excursion in Dalyan. It was Three In One: medical mud, ancient city of kingdom "Likiya" and Mediterranean sea. It was wonderful and unforgettable.

That tour continued for 10 days.

Or it will be other countries which will not demand(not require) any references for visa or, at all, welcome tourist without visa.

Thank you very much for your endurant attention.

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Anonymous said...

Европа либо пусть отменяет визы, это мне даст 60 евро экономии и
свободу в выборе дат поездки, либо пусть пока меня не ждет)).

А так хотелось бы посетить Швейцарию. Также Бенилюкс. Области Интерлакен и Клагенфурт.

Странно, но сейчас уже не тянет во Францию(не был), Испанию(был),
Германию(не был ), Скандинавию(не был), Прибалтику(не был),
Италию(был), Чехию(был).

И со временем, уже надоедает проезжать те страны в которых был не
раз (Венгрия,Польша), но авиа-перелет не позволяет кошелек и более строгие
требования по визе.

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