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Your English forever - 4 направления изучения Английского языка.

Your English forever.

We live in very interesting time. Our life show us that the first international language will be as second state language) in our country. For example, the main bank of country (NBU) require the knowledge of English in B1-level or above. I doubt that there is equivalent requirement for Ukranian language as state language too. Life is life.

So, all workers and candidates for work must know English on spoken and written level today.

I have thought that my English need the improvement. How am I doing it?

English language has four main sections (directions): Writing, Reading, Audition and Speaking.

How I decided to realize these directions?

  • Writing in English – I try to write in English a bit of text for any topic everyday. I try to write an e-mail letters to my friends who can read English. I try to write a little post in my blog in Internet too.
  • Reading in English – I’m reading some English everyday books and workbook “LifeStyle” on the work. Although I always have not time for my exercise on the work. I try to read any technical information in English from Internet don’t using Google Translator. Attention – You must find time for aloud reading any text in English. Desirably your reading would be control by teacher.
Also I perform some tasks in LinguaLeo. LinguaLeo – is very popular Internet web-portal for pupils with beginning level. Let me see that we can use Google translator for translation any words and sentences for pair Russian-English and vice versa. However I must say that Google is friendly state for any user’s text. And we have translation text in any case as result, even with wrong written text. You must remember about it. Google can correct your word, not statement (sentence). I think that other online translation’s tools are doing it similarly.

  • Audition – is main direction in learning English. What’s this? I try to listen some videos from Youtube. Today there are some simple videos “English Conversation”. If you understand more than 80% materials of such videos you will try to increase the playback speed for video by 1.25. Or you can find more complicated video. The video from Yuotube has one useful feature – it has subtitles. Plus for it, Google can create subtitle for any video in automation mode.
What’s else? I try to listen some audio tracks by appendix disks for handbooks in my home library. I can review films with Russian-English audio tracks. But I don’t do it still (yet), because I haven’t time for review films.
  • Speaking – ooo, this direction very troubles me now. I search variants for real conversation.
The main value is your English dictionary. Mr Gunnemark considered that for beginner talking you must know only 5 hundred words. I’m not sure that this will be enough. I purpose you that your dictionary must have every word with synonym and antonym. Some peolple advice me that in my vocab would be phrases with new words. May be they are right.

Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

По поводу словаря - верно на 100%. От себя добавлю, что важно писать пары не только
инглиш-русский, но и наоборот. Причем русский-инглиш даже надо чаще!

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