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The change "sex" of your OS by TTS.

Hi everybody.

Today, I would to tell you some words about TTS - Text To Speech. May be you know that MS Windows has TTS (English language) by default.

I remember there are many messages in Internet about "How is your computer - Boy or Girl?"  It's  concerning  that you could launching simple script:
as Visual Basic Script.

And  your OS have to tell you by female or male voice  my word "Attention". It's easy. You can find many samples about it.

Is your OS female?) My Windows 7 is Anna. Look at snapshot from Narrator.exe.

The sex of answer is defined by active TTS-module in system. So, for change "sex" of  your OS you have to install additional TTS-modules.

Unfortunately you have to install other TTS-module in your Windows even your Windows has native interface language by default. For example Russian. I mean that script
CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"Привет, это я!"
will not work.

I would to advice you as alternative TTS module software "Bazikalo" and "Говорилка". They are using russian language speech-engine "Digalo". Sure, you can find in Internet more TTS-modules for MS Windows as freeware or shareware.

Good luck guys or girls.)

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