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Voyage "Around Carpathians for 7 days", final section.

Hello my readers.

I continue my story about voyage "Around Carpathians for 7 days". Here section #2.

16. Bukolvel. 
Wow, it's skiing resort number One on Ukraine. There you can go up to the top of mountain Bukovel (1115 m) by elevator. You can see the great sightseeing of mountain panorama Gorgani and Black mountains. At last time Bukovel is known as winter and summer resort: skating and skiing in winter, and cycling, hiking in summer. Swimming in mountain lakes is available too.

17. Vigoda. 
Vigoda has Carpathian decorative tram. This as a narrow railway with small train for wood-cutters. Leopold Popper used this railway for transportation the wood in the end of XIX century. The width of track is 770 mm. It is 2 times less then regular railway track. The voyage by Carpathian tram continues 4 hours and has very beautiful route in ecological places.  You can see there mountains, Mizyka and Svicha rivers, waterfalls, fresh water sources,  and taste the tea from Carpathian grasses, I'm sure that you will remember this voyage for a whole life.

18. Goshiv. 
This is well known place with miraculous icon of God Mother (since 1737). This icon is situated in Preobrazheniya church on the mountain Yasna.

19. Dovbush Rocks - Bubnishe.
Dovbush Rocks are botanic reservation area. This is a state wild life area and it has the group of high rocks. We have information that these rocks are used in ancient era (IX-XIII centuries) as fortresses and defencive buildings.

That's all. Look here for detail.
Good luck.

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