Saturday, 24 October 2015

Checkers with dice - случайный момент игры в Шашки.

Hello guys.

Today I would like to say a few words about my son. I mean no info about my son as personality. I mean that my son can change regular rules. Believe me, it will be interesting.

So, everybody know the desk-game Checkers. Yes, of course. And everbody know the rules of this game. Every player do one step by checker (white or black) after opposite player. Player will win if he kill all checkers of opponent. And what after that?

My son decided to improve the quality of Checkers by random moment. He presented throwing dice for every step of player. And accordingly from value 1,2 or 3 from top of dice the player has possibility for 1,2 or 3 steps by checker at a time. Wow, I had excited! The regular game had new live condition and we are playing more interesting.

You can try it now. Believe me, you will forget about TV or Internet for many days!)

Friday, 23 October 2015

Spell-checking in the Blogger - проверка орфографии в Блоггер.

Hello guys.

You see that I'm writing my posts in English sometime. But I understood that I need spell-checking for my texts. I do typing errors sometime. So I found this function in admin panel of Blogger. But this function don't work if the default language of my blog isn't English. It's logically.)

So, I must change the language of my blog to English. And after that I can use spell-checking function for my English post. If word in  new article is needed to correct it highlighted in yellow color. I can tap by mouse cursor this word and Blogger present me some variants of changes in pop-up list.

It's easy.
Good luck.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Voyage "Around Carpathians for 7 days", final section.

Hello my readers.

I continue my story about voyage "Around Carpathians for 7 days". Here section #2.

16. Bukolvel. 
Wow, it's skiing resort number One on Ukraine. There you can go up to the top of mountain Bukovel (1115 m) by elevator. You can see the great sightseeing of mountain panorama Gorgani and Black mountains. At last time Bukovel is known as winter and summer resort: skating and skiing in winter, and cycling, hiking in summer. Swimming in mountain lakes is available too.

17. Vigoda. 
Vigoda has Carpathian decorative tram. This as a narrow railway with small train for wood-cutters. Leopold Popper used this railway for transportation the wood in the end of XIX century. The width of track is 770 mm. It is 2 times less then regular railway track. The voyage by Carpathian tram continues 4 hours and has very beautiful route in ecological places.  You can see there mountains, Mizyka and Svicha rivers, waterfalls, fresh water sources,  and taste the tea from Carpathian grasses, I'm sure that you will remember this voyage for a whole life.

18. Goshiv. 
This is well known place with miraculous icon of God Mother (since 1737). This icon is situated in Preobrazheniya church on the mountain Yasna.

19. Dovbush Rocks - Bubnishe.
Dovbush Rocks are botanic reservation area. This is a state wild life area and it has the group of high rocks. We have information that these rocks are used in ancient era (IX-XIII centuries) as fortresses and defencive buildings.

That's all. Look here for detail.
Good luck.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Новий MS Office 2016.

cid:image022.jpg@01D0F9EF.FD3BF790Усі платформи і пристрої (Android і iOS)

Office 2016 призначений для всіх пристроїв, що працюють під управлінням Windows, Android та iOS. А Ваші файли та інтерфейси програм залишатимуться ідентичними незалежно від того, який пристрій Ви використовуєте. Створену на робочому ПК презентацію в PowerPoint можна буде з легкістю доопрацювати на Ipad по дорозі додому.

«Інтелектуальний пошук»

Важлива особливість Office 2016 - глибока інтеграція додатків. Тепер якщо під час роботи над документом у Word Вам не вистачає інформації, замість переходу у вікно браузера клікніть правою кнопкою миші та скористайтесь пунктом меню «Інтелектуальний пошук». Інформація, яку Ви шукаєте відображатиметься у новому вікні справа прямо в редакторі Word.


Швидко створюйте прості інтерактивні та яскраві презентаційні полотна у Sway, використовуючи дані з різних джерел (хмарне сховище, галерея фотографій, відео з YouTube, посилання на Вікіпедію, діаграму з Excel та багато іншого). Результати Вашої роботи зберігаються на порталі, та є легкодоступними для поширення з Вашими колегами, друзями або родичами.

Спільне редагування

Зверніть увагу на іконку «Загальний доступ» у верхньому правому куті екрану з Вашим файлом. Завдяки їй Ви у три кліки зможете зберегти файл у хмарі та надати права перегляду або редагування іншому користувачеві. А зміни, здійснювані до поширеного файлу, Ви зможете бачити в режимі реального часу.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

European tour or other one.

Please, tell us about your trip to Europe this spring. We want to listen your story.

Hello everybody.

Sure. Me, and my wife, decided  to have the trip to Europe in March this year. You know that I have birthday in March.

So, I selected one trip on nine days through four countries: Hungary, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. That voyage costed about 350 euros per tourist. Plus thirty file euros for handling documents in visa centre.

Unfortunately, our group wasn't full for this trip. And travel-operator changed our tour to another for the same price. It was not joke. It was sadly. The new tour consisted of 9 days too, but had three countries. Switzerland wasn't in new tour.

OK, in spite of new circumstances we took a lot of pleasure from this tour. We were in famous Budapest with well known  spa and baths "Secheni". We were in wonderful Grats which placed among flowers and Alps. We were in Florence - cultural capital of Italy. Florence is city of Dante and DaVinchi. We were in ancient and famous city of Europe - Rome. Rome is very beautiful and historical city, and this city we will remember for whole life. I will not to recount each objects where we were for two days in this city. You can watch our bright moments in our photo-bank in Internet.

And, of course, we were in our favourite European city - Venice. We liked this city from our first meeting with it. This is mystical city, this is city-miracle and this is city-mirage. I was in Venice five years ago with my son. But  we would return to this city again and again. Gondoles, narrow lanes, small squares, pasta and ice-cream (gelato) are  very nice notes in our memory.

We are sitting in the stone's embankment of harbour and dreaming about future...

What's else? Heh, after visit in Venice we had two days for returning to homeland. These 2 days we took in Hungary but  without Budapest. It was a pity.

And in two days we returned in our glorious city Lviv. We had ability to try coffee and decorative(figured) sweets there. Our mood was few sadly. But I would like to advice anybody to visit Rome and Florence necessarily in your adult life. Of course, Venice must be see always! 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Voyage "Around Carpathians for 7 days", section #2.

Hello my darling readers.

I continue my story about voyage "Around Carpathians for 7 days". Here section #1.
Let's go.

7. The village "Kolochava". This is one of more beautiful village  of Transcarpathian. This village has 10 museums, 20 monuments and 50 famous places of our history. The great folk museum "Old village" is situated there. There are museums "Kolochava narrow railway" and "Kolochava Bokorach" too. The folk restaurant (Korchma) "Old village" will welcomes you. You can taste the folk dishes and see folk dances there.

8. Pilipetz. The wonderful waterfall "Shipit" is situated there. The height of this waterfall is 15 meters. The source of water flow is started from underground river in Borzhava valley. You can take unique relaxation in this place of wild life. 

9. Keletchin. Kelethcin is motherland of Augustin Voloshin who was the president of Carpathian Ukraine. Keletchin is known by nature spring (mineral) water "Keletchin". This water consists a large quantity of ferrum elements.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

AdSense block in transparent mode - блок AdSense с прозрачным фоном?

Hello guys.

Some years ago I'm finding the method for set of AdSense block in transparent mode. Unfortunately, I did not find it. And Google support member answered me that it's impossible. It's Google AdSense policy.

So so. 
But what I see today? The view of AdSense block is according by correct reading of CSS.

Do You not believe me?

Please, look here. This is AdSense block of my blog by veiwing in Chrome!) This is not joke.

If you move the mouse cursor to "right arrow"  on the  AdSense block so this block will opaque.

May be it's due to current Blogspot template. Or may be it's due to type of web-browser.
But may be Google changed own policy of ad's?

Good  luck.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Removing the history of web-surfing in web-browser - автоматическая очистка кеша web-браузера.

Hello everybody.

Your personal data is very important item by your web-surfing.

You know that your web-browser can save your personal data – history of web-surfing, cookies, queries for searching, etc. Of course, you can delete this information manually. But you can save your time if you will configure your web-browser for automatic removing this information on closing web-session.

Attention: if you delete cookies, so  you must enter login-names and passwords for some web-sites (, and others).

Google Chrome

Google Chrome permit switch on the automation of clearing for Cookies only. You can enter Chrome menu in item «Настройки». Or type in url “chrome://settings”

 Then click item  «Показать дополнительные настройки»

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Your English forever - 4 направления изучения Английского языка.

Your English forever.

We live in very interesting time. Our life show us that the first international language will be as second state language) in our country. For example, the main bank of country (NBU) require the knowledge of English in B1-level or above. I doubt that there is equivalent requirement for Ukranian language as state language too. Life is life.

So, all workers and candidates for work must know English on spoken and written level today.

I have thought that my English need the improvement. How am I doing it?

English language has four main sections (directions): Writing, Reading, Audition and Speaking.

How I decided to realize these directions?

  • Writing in English – I try to write in English a bit of text for any topic everyday. I try to write an e-mail letters to my friends who can read English. I try to write a little post in my blog in Internet too.
  • Reading in English – I’m reading some English everyday books and workbook “LifeStyle” on the work. Although I always have not time for my exercise on the work. I try to read any technical information in English from Internet don’t using Google Translator. Attention – You must find time for aloud reading any text in English. Desirably your reading would be control by teacher.
Also I perform some tasks in LinguaLeo. LinguaLeo – is very popular Internet web-portal for pupils with beginning level. Let me see that we can use Google translator for translation any words and sentences for pair Russian-English and vice versa. However I must say that Google is friendly state for any user’s text. And we have translation text in any case as result, even with wrong written text. You must remember about it. Google can correct your word, not statement (sentence). I think that other online translation’s tools are doing it similarly.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Remote Control Tool MS SCCM as standalone tool - Remote Control Tool SCCM как самостоятельный инструмент.

Hello everybody.

Today I would like say some words about mobile version of Remote Control Tool from MS SCCM 2012. This is CmRcViewer. Good news - this will be as standalone version without installation. And you need for it three files only. Really!

I can explain this standalone configuration more. 

So, you need CmRcViewer.exe as main application file, RdpCoreSccm.dll as dynamic library file, and CmRcViewerRes.dll from subfolder /00000409 (english version) or from /00000419 (русская версия) as resource library file. 

That's all. It's simply.

And one usefull addition. If you want that information about remote session will save in storage of MS SCCM Site Server you must add the following key to Registry of your OS (32 bits):


Ok, see you later.

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