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Voyage "Around Carpathians for 7 days", section #2.

Hello my darling readers.

I continue my story about voyage "Around Carpathians for 7 days". Here section #1.
Let's go.

7. The village "Kolochava". This is one of more beautiful village  of Transcarpathian. This village has 10 museums, 20 monuments and 50 famous places of our history. The great folk museum "Old village" is situated there. There are museums "Kolochava narrow railway" and "Kolochava Bokorach" too. The folk restaurant (Korchma) "Old village" will welcomes you. You can taste the folk dishes and see folk dances there.

8. Pilipetz. The wonderful waterfall "Shipit" is situated there. The height of this waterfall is 15 meters. The source of water flow is started from underground river in Borzhava valley. You can take unique relaxation in this place of wild life. 

9. Keletchin. Kelethcin is motherland of Augustin Voloshin who was the president of Carpathian Ukraine. Keletchin is known by nature spring (mineral) water "Keletchin". This water consists a large quantity of ferrum elements.

10. Lower Seliche. This is unique village in Ukrainian and this is an example of self-management village. The local inhabitants have unity and they created original factory of cheese. So now you can take various kinds of local cheeses with vines. This kind of cheese is made after Switzerland's technology. You can buy a pair (or more) kgs of cheese there if you liked its taste.

11. Velyatin. Velaytin is a natural place where many thermal sources are fountaining. The local mineral water has minerals 33 times more than sea's water. This water has "I" and "Br" elements. There you can take a spa procedure and you can take a big positives and pleasure.

12. Danilovo. Danilovo is a small ancient village. And this village has wooden church Saint Nicolay (since 1779). This church is the highest and picturesque church in Hyst district. But this church has very bad state now. May be your children haven't opportunity to view it.

13. Dilove. Hmm, may be this is business-centre of Europe.) Very busy people live there. And there is the stone sign with title "Stable, accurate, eternal site", since 1887. Heh, I remember that I saw similar sign near Rahov and have some photos for proof. OK, may be they are right. Or, may be, it's the same sign.

14. Verhovina. Wow, this is a famous Verhovina. I knew the bike "Verhovina" since SU. Verhovina is ethnic-geographical centre of Gutculshina. The river Black Cheremosh flows there. There is gutsul's museum of social life and musical tools named after Romana Kymlika. And, of course, you can see some secrets about great Love of Ivan and Marichka. Who are they? O, do You remember famous soviet movie "The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" ? There is the museum-house of this film.

15. Yaremche. This is a famous climatic resort. It's situated on the valley of river Prut. Many people have pleasure visiting waterfall "Probiy" and wooden restaurant "Gutstulshina".

It's not finish. To be continued.)

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