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How power on to BIOS in VMware workstation?


I use virtual workstations very often. I use them for work and for testing new software. I think You too. But I need that loader of OS in virtual environment starting from BIOS. It's concerning with Live-DVD or ISO image-file. 

So how do it in VMware Workstation? We have some methods.

Method #1.

To make it easier to access the BIOS setup screen, edit the virtual machine's configuration (.vmx) and append one of these options:

bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE"

This forces entry to the BIOS setup at startup.

And one parameter:

bios.bootDelay = "xxxx"

This adds a delay to the initial POST screen, showing it for longer and giving you more time to access the BIOS setup, where xxxx is the number of milliseconds to show the POST screen. (There are 1000 milliseconds in a second.)

Method #2.

You can use load via BIOS by menu item "Power On to BIOS". See snapshot.

That's all.
See You later.

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