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The pronunciation of digits - произношение номера телефона на английском.

Hi guys.

I'm learning English for a next month. And today I would like to share you my notifictaion. My notification about pronunciation of digits.  Hey, you will say, what's the matter? Do You(i.e. me) think that we don't known this simple spelling? Is it your joke?

No guys. Look here, please. I will try to explain some simple things.

How do You spelling your telephone number? For example, this one: +067-8909071.
plus zero six seven dash eight nine zero nine zero seven one.

Am I right? Unfortunately, no.

Please, copy and paste this number to Google Translater(GT) and press(click) icon "Listen". Really are You hearing these digits? You are hearing some other sounds, i.e.
plus zero six seven dash eight nine oh[ou] nine oh[ou] seven one.
May be without the word "dash".)

Where is our "zero"?  Heh, by default 0 is hearing as "ou".

Do You need hear 0 as "zero"? No problem, You must write this number in this form: +0,6,7,8,9,0,9,0,7,1.

Or if You would like to hear cellphone number without any mistakes You must write in this form: +0 6 7 8 9 0 9 0 7 1. 
Try it now and You can test yourself.

Ok, I would like to add for You some bits of information about spelling formulas in Google Translater.

Sign "+" [plus]: write in GT: 1+2=3. What are You hearing? Yes: one plus two equals three.

Sign "-" [minus]: write in GT: 2-1=1. What are You hearing? Hmm: two dash one equals one.
Ooops. I want hear "minus". For correct pronunciation as "minus" You must write in GT:
2--1=1. Sign of minus write twice.))

Sign "x" [multiplication]: write in GT: 2x2=4. What are You hearing? Hmm: two by two equals four. I.e. without "multiplied by".

Sign "/" [division]: unfortunately, I didn't found solution for GT-spelling division operation.
Excuse me.

May be You will be more lucky.)

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