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ABBYY Hot folder and Scheduling.

Hello my readers.

Do you know software ABBYY FineReader? I 'm sure yes. Many people use this popular software for OCR handling of scanned documents. So, this software isn't free. I think that you know it. Of course, you can use as OCR various online web-services. But what will you do in case if your documents may have confident information?

So, I know about good resolution of this task. Its name is "ABBYY Hot folder and Scheduling".
What's that? It's feature of ABBYY FineReader. You can install this service for any Windows server. And for documents OCR-processing you can select shared folder for many users of your company.

The configuration of ABBYY Hot folder and Scheduling has three steps. You can see it below: types of file, language recognition and folders of sources or destination. It's easy!

Step #1:

 Step #2:
 Step #3:

How it works? ABBYY Hot folder and Scheduling create scheduling task which will work with period in 3 minutes. Every 3 minutes ABBYY FineReader OCR-engine scan source folder for new jpg оr pdf files, take them for handling, and put result in destination folder as doc-file. Users have to not forget to get their results from destination folder.

ABBYY Hot folder and Scheduling can output protocol of work in log-file for troubleshooting. See such fragment below.

Постоянно проверять папку.

ОПЦИИ ФАЙЛА:  Сохранять с именами исходных изображений
02.03.2010, 10:59:04 Обрабатывается...
02.03.2010, 10:59:04 Найдено 1 файлов изображений (1 страниц). Выполняется обработка...
02.03.2010, 10:59:04 Предупреждение (D:\fine\IN\NEW-2.JPG): Необходимо увеличить разрешение сканирования до 300 dpi или большего значения.
02.03.2010, 10:59:05 Начато сохранение результатов (1 страниц).
02.03.2010, 10:59:06 Сохранение выполнено успешно.
02.03.2010, 10:59:06 Обработана.
Обработано страниц:  1.
Время распознавания:  0 час. 0 мин. 2 сек.
Ошибки/предупреждения :  0/1.
Неуверенно распознанные символы:  5 % (2/42).

So, you will use only one license of ABBYY FineReader for all users in automation OCR-mode.
It's easy.)

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