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MS Office Clipboard.

Hi everybody.

Today I would like to tell you some words about Clipboard in Excel. What? Do you mean Clipboard in Excel, not in Windows? Yes, I do. These clipboards have many similar features.

So  often when we work with long formulas or text strings in Excel, there is a need to copy and paste the same part of the text or the formula again and again. There is a clipboard feature in Excel that lets you copy and store the copied text/formula at a single place, and you can then quickly retrieve it and paste it later.

How can you do it?
You first have to enable this feature to copy in clipboard:
1. Go to the Home tab.
2. In the Clipboard category, click on the arrow at the bottom-right (shown in the pic). This will open the clipboard on the left.
3. Click the Options button (at the bottom-left of the pane) and select ‘Show Office Clipboard When Ctrl+ C pressed Twice’.
4. Close the Clipboard section.
5. Now when you wish to copy the content of any cell, get into the edit mode (by pressing F2) and select the text (or formula).
6. With the text selected, press "Ctrl+C+C" (hold the Control key and hit ‘C’ key twice). This will copy the text/formula in the clipboard.

7. Now if you want to paste this copied text sometime later, go to the cell where you want to paste this, open the clipboard pane, and double click the text that you want to paste.

How does it works? It's easy. The whole content can insert in list of this Clipboard. And any item can paste from there to Excel, or to Word, or to Powerpoint. And this content will be online while your any Office's applications is working.

However this Clipboard has direct connection with Windows clipboard. So content from Windows clipboard can put here (as "Windows Clip" on picture above). And it can be not only text, picture can place here too. You can see picture items and by icon (left corner) the source of each item.

It's nice feature of MS Office applications!

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